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Fun and Inclusion with Specialised Trikes

Fun and Inclusion with Specialised Trikes

Here at Variety – the Children’s Charity of Ireland, we find there’s nothing better than to receive a heart-warming message from a family that we have been able to help. Just to hear about the impact that an item such as a specialised trike can have on a child’s wellbeing, is just so amazing to all the Variety Ireland team!!

Here’s a lovely message with just received in from a mum in Sligo, about how one of these specialised trikes has helped her daughter to now go cycling with her brother.

“Our daughter Amy, who has Down Syndrome, has been wanting a big girl bike since the beginning of lockdown because she’s “11 now”. She spent all summer watching her younger brother cycling his bike and spent most days upset that she couldn’t cycle her bike without stabilisers like him and the other kids in the estate. We attempted taking off the stabilisers a few times, but due to issues with her balance, it never worked for her which resulted in a lot of tears. 

We heard about Variety Ireland through a friend and decided to get in contact to see if we could get some help in getting an adapted trike for her. I spoke with Kevin who was incredibly helpful and talked us through the process and within a couple of weeks Amy had her new bike. 

As you can see from the photos Amy is absolutely delighted with her trike. She proudly cycles around the estate with her brother and is even leaving him behind! 

I can’t thank Kevin and the Variety Ireland team enough for their help in bringing such joy to our daughter. It means the world to us to see her so happy. 

Thanks again, 

Amy’s Mum”