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Trikes for Teens

Trikes for Teens

Specialised Trikes can have such a positive impact on people of all ages. They are not only a fun way to get around, but can also offer many other vital physical and mental benefits too!
Here’s a lovely message we got from a mum of a teenage boy in County Tipperary, who was the recent proud recipient of one such trike from Variety Ireland.


“Dear Variety Ireland

I would just like to thank you for all your input in helping me and especially Rian get his new trike. Ryan is a 14 years old boy who has autism, epilepsy and scoliosis.

Rian has always got excited watching people cycling and over the years. For Christmas and birthdays I got him bikes and he was never able to cycle because of his condition, which resulted in me giving them away.

The day the trike arrived last week thanks to Variety Ireland, to see the smile and excitement on his face made us so  happy. He is now living the independence of the trike and having a ball cycling around the cycle parks. It has made such a difference to improving his own mental and physical well-being, which now allows us to enjoy great family outings and Rian looks forward to and enjoying them much more now with his new trike.

Thank you to everyone who helps Variety Ireland and for changing and improving the quality of Rian’s life. We are forever grateful!

Rian’s Mother”