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Recycle Mobility Programme

Promoting Inclusion Through Cycling

What is our Recycle Mobility Programme?

Our Recycle Mobility Programme is a unique idea that focuses on promoting access to upcycled specially adapted trikes, for children who cannot use conventional bicycles.

Not only does this initiative offer inclusion to children of different abilities, but as the trikes are pre-loved, it is also environmentally friendly!

What Are Specialised Trikes?

For many years, Variety – the Children’s Charity of Ireland has provided dozens of specially adapted trikes to children all around Ireland. These trikes have proved to be so beneficial to children, who due to various disabilities, cannot cycle a regular bicycle.

Not only do these trikes offer so many physical benefits, but also offer great mental benefits too. The child can experience a new found independence and now also join in with their friends and family in the great outdoors, which previously may have been unimaginable!

Recycled Mobility

As each trike is specially adapted to an individual child’s needs, the cost for each trike can be very expensive. These trikes, until now, have not been covered by any government funding, therefore unobtainable for many families of children with special needs. 

As these trikes are specially adapted for an each child, they cannot be used by other children, so therefore obsolete once the child outgrows it. With our Recycle Mobility Programme, once a child outgrows their trike, we take it back, upcycle it and then adapt it to another child’s particular needs.  This way, more children can benefit from these amazing trikes!

How Can I Apply?

If you want to apply to Variety Ireland and be part of our Recycle Mobility Programme, you can start your application online now!

After your initial application of interest, you will be required to complete and submit an official application form and to send us quotations for your requested trike, a specialists referral letter and a media release form.

You can find more information about the process and also start your application on our Apply Now page.
Apply Now!

By upcycling specialised trikes, we can help even more children to enjoy the freedom that a trike can offer, whilst looking after the world we live in!