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New Disability Cycling Experiences in Kerry

New Disability Cycling Experiences in Kerry

It’s always great to see children with disabilities being included in cycling activities with their family and friends. Say hello to Finn who is from the wonderful county of Kerry.

Since receiving his brand new special mobility trike from us here at Variety Ireland, Finn is now able to join in with his family and friends on bike rides and got to enjoy the fun, freedom and inclusion that these specialised trikes can offer many children. Not only do they benefit each  child’s physical wellbeing, but also have a positive impact on the mental wellbeing of all family members.

This is all due to the help of Minister Anne Rabbitte from Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth, who along with Minister Jack Chambers from The Department of Transport, support our Recycle Mobility Programme. This ensures hundreds of children like Finn are already being included in cycling activities with their friends and other family members. Many happy years of cycling Finn from all of us here at Variety Ireland!

Here is a note we received from Finn’s mother, telling us all about the impact that Finn’s new trike is having on both him and the family:

“Dear Variety Ireland
I want to thank you and all the team for supplying a special mobility trike to our child Finn. You have no idea what this means to us as a family. The smile on his face in the videos and photos says it all. He is just so happy and excited to be able to get outdoors and cycle. This trike is a real game changer for us as a family as it allows Finn to be included in outdoor activities which up to now was a real struggle. The fact that these trikes have to be special built and cost so much money puts them beyond reach of most families in Ireland. Thanks to your charity and the support of Minister Anne Rabbitte and Minister Jack Chambers, Finn now has equal access to be able to cycle with his friends and other family members, it’s just brilliant and a real-life changer for us as a family. The great thing is, Finn wants to be outside all the time now on his new trike which has given himself and all of us a new lease of life. It’s great as we can all explore the outdoors together as a family. This is great not only for Finn’s own mental and physical wellbeing, but all of the family. Exercise, fun and opportunity is what you have given Finn and his family. Thank you so much!
Kind regards,”
Eve (Finn’s mother)