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Cycling Inclusion in Offaly

Cycling Inclusion in Offaly

Since the launch of our Recycle Mobility Programme in June 2021, it has helped to deliver hundreds of mobility trikes to wonderful children with disabilities across Ireland. This ensures that these children are now included in cycling activities with their family and friends.

Meet Ben from Co Offaly who received his own special mobility trike as part of our Recycle Mobility Programme. Supported by Minister Anne Rabbitte and The Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth along with Minister Eamon Ryan and The Department of Transport, Our Recycle Mobility Programme continues to provide support to children with disabilities, so they too can be included in cycling activities with their families.

Not only does this ensure the trikes children receive get regular access to cycling, but also contributes to the child’s and families overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Here is a note and video we received from Ben’s mother, telling us how her son’s trike is benefiting him both mentally and physically. This is what life is all about, ensuring inclusion and equal access to cycling for wonderful children like Ben.

On behalf of all of us here at Variety Ireland and the Ministers and their Departments, we would like to wish you many happy years of cycling Ben!

“Dear Variety Ireland,
I want to start by congratulating you and Minister Anne Rabbitte, Minister Jack Chambers and Minister Eamon Ryan and their departments for offering this brilliant service and support to families with children with disabilities.
Ben’s trike has been a gamer changer as it has opened so many wonderful opportunities for him and us as a family, where we can now enjoy outdoor cycling activities together. Not only is Ben’s trike providing him with essential exercise which strengthens his muscle tone, but it also provides happiness as he can now be included in activities with other family members which was not the case before he received his trike.
We are so grateful for the help and assistance you have all provided to ensure Ben has equal access to cycling. Equality and inclusion are just some of the many benefits your Recycle Mobility Programme has to offer for children like Ben.
Keep up the great work you and on behalf of Ben and all our family, thank you!”
Aileen (Ben’s Mother)