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A Trike for Dafne!

A Trike for Dafne!

Variety – the Children’s Charity of Ireland was delighted to be able to present not only an iPad to Rush Lusk Educate Together School, in North County Dublin, which will be used by their special needs pupils, but also a specially adapted Trike.

The Trike was presented to Dafne by Variety Ireland patron Simon Delaney.

Dafne has been in a wheelchair for more than a year now, due to long term side effects of head radiations that she received for treating a brain cancer. She lost her independence all of a sudden.
At Christmas a wonderful trike arrived and it was of her favourite colour and with beautiful streamers. Dafne calls it HER BIKE and she loves it!!!
She loves that we can go on family walks and she decides where to go, she absolutely doesn’t want to be helped when she is on her bike. She can now go around the green in front of the house along with her 3 years old little sister that also has a new bike….
She comes with us to the nearby shop and as she is not in the wheelchair, the kids who know her stop and say “what a wonderful bike you have!” And she is so happy and proud.
And we are delighted that she can move her legs in a fun and enjoyable way. It is so good for her muscles and her blood circulation.
This trike has been “prescribed” by her physiotherapist this time last year when we applied for one but we didn’t get it funded.

Now finally Dafne has one and all our thanks go to Variety Ireland that made it possible. Thank you again.

Magda, Marco, Dafne, Aliseo and Greta 

The donation of a trike and an iPad from Variety was amazing. The trike provides stable mobility independence to a little girl who wants to get out and about with her family and enjoy a bit of much needed exercise outside. The iPad is fantastic and is a great educational tool for the children who have been allocated resource hours in our school. We now have easy access to Apps that will enhance and support their individual needs.

Both items are amazing and all the children are going to have great fun using them. Thank you to everyone at Variety Ireland and all the people who helped raise money towards these lovely donations.

 Frankie Hollands (Rush and Lusk Educate Together National School)