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A Trike for Uisneach! - Variety - the Children's Charity of Ireland

A Trike for Uisneach!


Uisneach's TrikeWith the generous help of the Tadhg Ó Fainín Foundation, Variety – the Children’s Charity of Ireland has been able to provide many children with specialised equipment, such as specially adapted trikes.

One such recipient is Uisneach who has a rare syndrome called 1p36 deletion syndrome. This syndrome causes low muscle tone and a range of medical issues.

Uisneach’s Mother writes…

“As you can see Uisneach is delighted to be out and about on his new trike.  We live beside a park which has perfect paths for cycling. We often walk around the park with Uisneach in his wheelchair and in the fine weather in particular, we are passed by lots of families with children the same age as Uisneach on their bikes. He’s a very sociable little man who loves to be out and about in his community. He loves the wind on his face and spotting electricity pylons on the horizon.

Thanks to Variety Ireland now Uisneach can cycle around the park on his new wheels like everybody else. 

 Thanks so much!”

Uisneach's Trike