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Equine Therapy for Matthew!

Equine Therapy for Matthew!

Matthew is a little boy who has cerebral palsy and ASD. With the generous help of the Tadhg Ó Fainín Foundation, Variety – the Children’s Charity of Ireland has been able to provide six months of equine therapy to Matthew.

“Therapeutic Riding helps Matthew in many ways, he has been attending for 3 years and has gained a huge amount of skills. It has helped him to improve physically, emotionally, as well as being a healthy and fun activity, which he loves. It has helped improve his balance, mobility, posture and co-ordination, strengthening muscles throughout his body, and can increases circulation which promotes better overall health. It has also helped to increase his concentration and learning skills, which is a bonus for helping with school work.

A variety of games and other learning aids are used as part of the sessions – all of which are used to stimulate his physical, cognitive, and emotional development. The exercises are done in a fun and varied way and include many learning aids. Matthew is having fun and working hard at the same time. His sessions are both in the indoor and outdoor arena and also along the sensory trail. The sensory trail includes a water feature, woodland area, purposefully created mounds, sounds with different surfaces and a variety of therapeutic games.

A lot of Matthew’s school friends/peers are getting involved in sporting activities i.e. hurling, soccer etc., all of which Matthew finds very difficult, which leads to frustration and upset. It is great that he has a hobby/sporting activity that he enjoys so much and helps him so much.

 We hope he will enjoy many more therapeutic lessons in the future and thank all involved immensely for their help in funding his lessons.”

 Big Thank You

 Rachel, Mark and Matthew Harwood