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Cycling Opportunities for Emilia from Armagh

Cycling Opportunities for Emilia from Armagh

We all know our beautiful island is renowned for its greenery and beauty which we at Variety Ireland believe should be accessible to everyone.

Say hello to Emilia from Co Armagh who has Spina Bifida. Recently we were able to present young Emilia with a special mobility trike so she could be included in family cycling activities with her friends and family. As a charity that promotes inclusion and equality for children with disabilities, we are delighted to step in when possible, to ensure wonderful children like Emilia from across the island of Ireland have equal access to cycling.

Here is a note we received from Emilia’s father letting us know the benefits that her new trike is having on her mental and physical well-being. Many happy years of cycling Emilia from all of us here at Variety Ireland!

“Dear Variety Ireland
I would like to extend a massive thank you to Variety for making this opportunity possible.  Emilia was so excited to receive her new trike and was not disappointed.  She has taken to cycling better than I expected thanks to the design and brilliant engineering features with this trike.  Emilia has enjoyed using the trike on school runs, and on weekends we have split the bike in half and its fits in the boot well allowing Emilia to explore some cycle routes  On our first outing Emilia managed 3 miles around the Craigavon lakes.  This was great for Mum & Dad also as we enjoyed a walk without pushing a buggy.   This trike has given Emilia confidence, independence and exercise. We truly are grateful for the funding as we would not have afforded this without it.  
Thank you!”
Jonathan (Emilia’s Father)