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Meet the Brilliant Brooke!

Meet the Brilliant Brooke!

Meet the brilliant Brooke who is a thirteen year old girl from Dublin suffers with a rare disorder known as Rett Syndrome which is a neurological disorder that occurs almost exclusively in girls.

Although Brooke is unable to walk or talk, this hasn’t prevented her from enjoying the simple things like enjoying the great outdoors.

With the brilliant help of her mother, Brooke spends as much time that is possible outside on her specially adapted trike which was supplied to her by us here at Variety – the Children’s Charity of Ireland. This allows Brooke to enjoy the freedom of trips to her local park as well as other outdoor activities that her mother Julie thought would never be possible.

Brooke’s trike is not only a form of enjoyment where she gets to interact with other family members outdoors, but is also a crucial part of her physio to keep her limbs and body get exercise. We at Variety – the Children’s Charity of Ireland see Brooke and many other children like her that we help with mobility items as real heroes. They along with their wonderful parents or guardians, challenge their disabilities and turn them into the abilities to do things in life that most of us all take for granted.


“When I approached Variety Ireland looking for help to get a trike for my daughter they were there for Brooke and myself. They were so understanding and listened to Brooke’s story and we able to provide her with a trike that opened up so many different opportunities for us as a family to do things together. I noticed a huge change in Brooke who is raring to get outside at every opportunity on her trike. I know that Variety doesn’t receive any government funding or help for the equipment they supply to children and they are totally reliant on help from the public. As a mother they have changed not only my own life, but that of Brooke for the better. Her smile tells the story of what her trike means to us both. Thank you Variety, not only assisting us, but all the other families around Ireland you continue to help. Your truly wonderful.”

Julie – Brooke’s mother


You can help us to help other wonderful people like Brooke and Julie by doing your own fundraiser where 100% of any money you raise will go to supplying a mobility item like a trike or scooter to a child with disabilities. Help them to enjoy great outdoor activities with their family and friends. It’s not that they are entitled to, they deserve it!