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Cycling With the Family

Cycling With the Family

Cycling for children with disabilities is all about fun and inclusion. Say hello to young Fionn from Co Kerry, who recently received a special tandem bike through Variety Ireland’s Recycle Mobility Programme, which is supported by Minister of State Anne Rabbitte and The Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth. This new addition to the family now means Fionn, along with his family, can now cycle the greenways and byways of Ireland.

Fionn has Autism and intellectual disabilities. He is unable to cycle unaided because he is unsure how to use the brakes on a normal trike, which causes safety issues. The repetitive cycling motion of the tandem is very calming for him and has helped improve his sleep patterns, along with helping him maintain a healthy weight.

Thanks to our Recycle Mobility Programme and the support of Minister Anne Rabbitte, we are able to provide financial assistance to families with children with mobility issues, so they too can be included in cycling activities with their family and friends.  As you can see from the lovely video, photos and testimonial below, the benefits and possibilities for Fionn are now endless.

Happy cycling Fionn as you deserve to have fun and lots of new experiences!

“Dear Variety Ireland,
On behalf of Fionn and all his family, we would like to say we are so grateful to Minister Anne Rabbitte and all of you at Variety Ireland for supplying financial assistance towards the purchase of a bike for Fionn. This allows us as a family to cycle together safely. This was our first time being able to enjoy it together as a family for his birthday weekend. This bike has opened up a range of new possibilities for Fionn where he can now be included in cycling activities with all the family which is great for both all our mental and physical well-being. It’s truly fantastic and we are so grateful to you all!
Thank you”
Keira (Fionn’s mum)