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Cycling for Everyone

Cycling for Everyone

We at Variety Ireland recognise the importance that all children, regardless of their ability, should be able to experience the joys of cycling with their family and friends.

This week thanks to the ongoing support of Minister Anne Rabbitte and The Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth, we at Variety Ireland were able to put yet another smile of joy on the face of an amazing child.

Meet 6-year old Harry from Co Louth who has a rare genetic disorder, MSL3 Syndrome. Thanks to our Recycle Mobility Programme, supported by Minister Anne Rabbitte, his new trike now allows Harry to take part in outdoor cycling activities with his family and friends. This not only benefits his own physical and mental well-being, but brings families closer and opens up so many windows of opportunities for them all.

Many happy years of cycling Harry, from all of us here at Variety Ireland!

“Dear Variety Ireland,
Delighted to get the mobility trike for our son Harry who has a rare genetic disorder. Massive thanks to Variety Ireland and Minister Anne Rabbitte who secured funding to help kids like Harry with disabilities to receive specialised mobility equipment. It has made such a big impact already giving Harry opportunities to get outdoors and exercise while having fun in the process. It’s great for both his own mental and physical and well- being  and has opened up so many window of opportunities where we as a family can enjoy outdoor activities together. The process was very straight forward and the Variety Ireland team was a great help throughout the whole process. I would definitely urge anyone who would like to avail of this funding to go onto the Variety Ireland website and fill in the form. We are forever grateful and it’s life changing for Harry and us all. Thank you so much Variety Ireland and Minister Rabbitte!”
Harry’s Mum