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Cycling Belle of Belfast City

Cycling Belle of Belfast City

As a charity that promotes inclusion and equality for children with disabilities across the island of Ireland, we were recently glad to play our part in providing the assistance of a special mobility trike for Lydia from Belfast. This young lady has Neuromuscular Scoliosis, so a special custom-made trike needed to be developed so she could cycle in comfort and safety.

Variety Ireland helps children from across the disability spectrum. Providing assistance towards the purchase of special mobility trikes for children with disabilities, is just one of our many programmes to help support mental and physical wellbeing for children with disabilities. Now that Lydia has her own new set of wheels, she can enjoy cycling days out with her friends and family.

Here is a wee note of thanks we received from Lydia’s mum, thanking Variety Ireland for our support. Many happy years of cycling Lydia around the wonderful city of Belfast and beyond!

“Dear Variety Ireland,
We just wanted to send you a huge thank you for Lydia’s fabulous new trike. I don’t know if she ever would have been able to access her own trike without the funding from Variety Ireland. We are truly grateful for it. She is really enjoying the independence it gives her, allowing her to go to the park and ride alongside her big brother. The trike itself is really robust, and of course she is delighted with the beautiful purple colour. It’s just lovely for her to have a bike that she can call her own. This has really contributed not only to her own mental and physical wellbeing, but to that our family also.
It’s provided Lydia and us all with massive opportunities to explore. We can’t thank you enough!” 
Michelle (Lydia’s mum)