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A New World of Opportunities!

A New World of Opportunities!

Specialised Trikes can offer so many benefits to children of different abilities, as well as opening up a whole new world of opportunities and activities! We received the below message from the mother of a young girl in Co. Cork, whom we were recently able to help:


“I would like to thank all the team at Variety Ireland for your help and commitment for supplying my daughter Scarlett with her new trike. Scarlett, who has Cerebral Palsy, just loves the outdoors and her new trike has opened up so many different opportunities that now allows her to enjoy activities with the family, that she was unable to do before her trike.

We have also seen a dramatic improvement with her own well-being, as well as she is so happy and smiles for being able to enjoy the outdoors in the safety and comfort of her special trike. This bike is also a great physio as it guarantees her legs get a great workout.

As a voluntary run charity helping children with different abilities without any government support, is incredible, you are all amazing. You have changed my Scarlett’s life in so many positive ways and as a parent, I want to thank you so so much.

Kindest regards
Scarlett’s mom”

Community Foundation for Ireland