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Our Mission

Variety Ireland are aiming to be one of the very few children’s charities in the world to be “Carbon Positive” by the year 2028.

Our Trikes & Trees Programme will help us achieve this by creating special Variety Ireland Nature Gardens in Special Schools and Respite Homes around Ireland which will off-set all carbon emissions used in creating our special mobility trikes.


Trikes & Trees Programme

Our Trikes & Trees Programme is designed to create pesticide-free Variety Ireland Nature Gardens around Ireland, whilst also helping us provide Specially Adapted Mobility Trikes to children across the disability spectrum.

Our aim is to build a better future for all children. By creating safe environments that let children experience and enjoy natural habitats close up, we can help nourish and enhance their mental wellbeing. This together with the benefits our Special Mobility Trikes can provide, which can enhance a both child’s physical and mental wellbeing, means that children regardless of their ability have equal access to enjoy our great outdoors. Through this, we hope to promote a better understanding of nature and what we can do to protect it for all our futures.

Variety Ireland Nature Gardens

Our Variety Ireland Nature Gardens will create pesticide-free Nature Gardens in Special Schools & Respite Homes around Ireland. This programme includes the planting of native Irish fruit trees and hedgerows which will negate all carbon emissions created in the manufacturing of our special mobility trikes.

Our native Irish trees and hedgerows also help to produce fruit in each garden which can be used for cooking, as well as food for insects and animals. Variety Ireland Nature Gardens also help to create clean oxygen for humans, wildlife and plants in the local vicinity. Each garden will also have a special bench where children can sit and relax while protected from the elements, and have the opportunity to experience nature close up in safe and peaceful surroundings, which in turn contributes to their own wellbeing.

Special Mobility Trikes

One of our missions here at Variety Ireland is to ensure that children, regardless of their disability, have equal access to cycling with their family and friends.

Research carried out by Dr Jolanta Burke from RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences, shows that Special Mobility Trikes can increase the mental and physical wellbeing of children with disabilities and family members by up to 87.5%. Our Recycle Mobility Programme provides funding to families to help them purchase trikes for their children.

Funding from our Trees & Trikes Programme will allow us to continue this badly needed support for these wonderful children, so they too can be included in cycling activities with family members and friends.

Trikes & Trees Certificates 

Looking for that perfect environmental gift for a friend or loved one this year, while also helping children with disabilities in Ireland? Worry not, as you will be able to purchase our special Trikes & Trees certificates, with proceeds going directly towards the cost of creating Nature Gardens and providing Special Mobility Trikes.

You will be able to purchase a range of different value certificates from our fundraising kiosks situated at various locations around the country every weekend. Make sure to follow us on social media to find out where we will be each week.

Win Family Boating Holidays in Ireland!

As part of our Trikes & Trees Programme, we have teamed up with one of Ireland’s leading boat operators, giving people the chance to win Family Boating Trips here in Ireland. Not only will this allow families to experience peaceful and relaxing holidays close up to nature, but allows people to holiday in Ireland and enjoy the best that our waterways and countryside has to offer. You will also be reducing your own carbon footprint by avoiding flying or driving to locations abroad!

Tickets for this competition are available at our Variety Ireland special kiosks, which will at selected locations around Ireland every weekend. Make sure to check our website and social media to see where you can buy a ticket in your area!