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Trikes for Life

A Corporate Sponsorship  Initiative

As part of Variety Ireland’s “Recycle Mobility Programme” we are offering the corporate sector the chance to change the lives of children with disabilities.

By donating special mobility trikes to children across the disability spectrum, your company can ensure that the most vulnerable in our society can be included in outdoor activities with their family and friends.

About Saoírse’s Trikes for Life

Saoírse’s Trikes for Life is an initiative put together by our wonderful child ambassador Saoírse Ruane that allows companies to get involved with our Recycle Mobility Programme, This allows them to sponsor special mobility trikes that are given to children from across the disability spectrum to enjoy the freedom and opportunity of cycling with their family and friends. 

As someone who enjoys cycling herself, Saoírse wants other children to enjoy it to regardless of their disability. Her Trikes for Life initiative promotes equality and inclusion of children with disabilities within the family unit. 

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The Physical & Environmental Impact ♻️

A recent study carried out by RCSI, University of Medicine and Health Sciences, concluded that these special trikes improve both the physical and well-being of children with disabilities by 87.5%.

This initiative is not only beneficial to the child and their family, but also has an environmental focus at it’s core. When a child outgrows their trike, it is then passed back to Variety Ireland where it is “upcycled” and then passed onto another child with disabilities for the same enjoyment.

This extends the life of each trike making our programme fully sustainable and stopping old trikes reaching harmful landfill sites across Ireland!

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Sponsor Saoírse’s Trikes for Life 

Various Packages Available Now!

To help us help disabled children with their mobility needs we are giving you the opportunity to get involved. Your company and your employees will get public recognition for your contribution towards helping children with disabilities in Ireland.

Each trike you pay for will be branded with your logos for life.

You present at least one of the trikes to the family.

Each family who received your trike will provide Variety Ireland with a testimonial thanking your organisation which we will share with you and across our website and social media platforms.

Your company will be recognised on our new “Green Wall of Fame” which will show companies who have donated trikes to help children with disabilities. It will also recognise your contribution towards your environment contribution to protecting the environmental.

Your organisation will be presented with an environmental award for helping children with disabilities in Ireland as part of this scheme.

You get to see exactly how 100% of your money is being spent.

Get Involved!

If you think your company would like to get invoved and sponsor Saoírse’s Trikes for Life, please contact us now and we can discuss the various packages available!