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Impact of our Recycle Mobility Programme

In 2021 we launched our Recycle Mobility Programme – a unique idea that focuses on promoting access to upcycled specially adapted trikes, for children who cannot use conventional bicycles.

Not only does this initiative offer inclusion to children of different abilities, but as the trikes are pre-loved, it is also environmentally friendly.


Since then, we have supplied over 40 specialised trikes to children all across the island of Ireland thanks to support from Minis­ter of State for Disabilities Anne Rabbitte and Minster for Transport Ea­mon Ryan.

The campaign was spearheaded and by our very own ambassador Saoírse Ruane, who has a keen interest in helping children just like herself overcome obstacles and gain a sense of independence and inclusion. 

The Report

In a report carried out by well-known and respected Dr Jolanta Burke of The Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, the Impact of these specialised trikes on both physical and mental well-being on the children and their families was measured.

This report, which is the first of its kind ever carried out on the effects that mobility trikes have on children’s mental and physical well-being, also recommends that Variety Ireland’s “Recycle Mobility Programme” should be considered as partial fulfilment of the Irish govern­ment’s strategy for enhancing wellbeing.

Anne Rabbitte

Minister of State at the Department of Children, Equality, Disability & Integration

“It’s been clear to me from day one that the Variety ‘Recycle Mobility Programme’ could have a positive impact on children across the country, which is why I approved funding for the project, along with my ministerial colleague, Eamon Ryan. Such an investment has clearly demonstrated the improvement it can make to children’s wellbeing in all senses, as well as their wider families. Not to mention the positive environmental impact of such a programme, which itself feeds into a more sustainable Ireland.
“Although a seemingly simple initiative, it allows for a more equitable society to be realised for children and families. This was simply common sense for me and I think Saoírse, a fellow Galway girl, really demonstrated the impact such a programme can have and what a difference these trikes can make in someone’s life, particualtly with something so many take for granted.”

Eamon Ryan

Minister for Transport

“This Recycle Mobility Programme from Variety Ireland supports children in discovering the joy of riding a bike and all the health and wellbeing benefits of active travel. It demonstrates the importance of ensuring that all children have access to cycling regardless of their abilities.

The nature of this programme whereby the tricycles which are out-grown are passed back to the charity before being upcycled for further use by other families means it is sustainable in every way”.

Saoírse Ruane

Variety Ireland Ambassador

“I’m so happy and delighted that the work I’m doing with Variety Ireland is benefiting so many families with children with disabilities. I love cycling and I think every child should be given the chance to experience what it is like regardless of their own ability. It allows them to be included in activities with other family members outside of the home.

Doing this in an environmentally friendly way is great as we get to pass on trikes to other children when they have outgrown them. Children with disabilities should be given the same chance as others.

My Recycle Mobility Programme has already delivered 40 trikes to children with disabilities with the kind help of Minister Rabbitte and Minister Ryan with lots more children going to benefit in the months and years to come. It promotes fairness and equal access to every child. It’s all about having fun!”

Dr Jolanta Burke 

RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences

“As an academic, I am lucky to be involved in many valuable projects. However, rarely do I contribute to causes as wonderful and life-changing as this.

Research with Variety showed that trikes improve the wellbeing of children who receive them and their families. It made me realise how a small act of riding a bike, which many of us take for granted, can make such a colossal difference in others’ lives.”