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On Your Bike Cycle Challenge

Take part in Variety Ireland’s 2000km exercise bike cycle challenge and help raise money for a specialised mobility trike for a child in Ireland!

The Challenge

Your team can help raise €2,000 by cycling 1000km at €2 per kilometre on an exercise bikes over a one-week period

All the money raised will go towards funding a specialised mobility trike for a child who cannot use a regular bike.

As part of our sustainable Recycle Mobility programme, once the child has outgrown their trike, it is then passed on to another child – ensuring we prolong the life of the trike!

How it Works

5 Steps to Taking on the Challenge!

1. Use your own exercise bike (or we can loan your team a Variety Ireland if required!) and help raise €2,000 by cycling 2000km at €1 per kilometre over 1 a one-week period.

2. We provide you with Variety Ireland t-shirts and branded charity merchandise.

3. Variety Ireland will add the balance from money you raise towards the cost of a trike, which can cost up to €4,000.

4.You record your teams’ cycling activities and we will share this on our social media to show how you are helping to raise funds.

5. Have fun!! It’s a great team building exercise to help provide the opportunity of mobility to children with disabilities!

We Want to Say
Thank You!

–  You or members of your organisation get to present the trike to the child. This will be recorded along with photos that will be shared on our social media channels and website, and also a special thank you from the child’s parents or guardians. 

–  The special mobility trike will be branded with your company logos.

–  We will recognise your contribution by awarding you with one of our “Green Awards” for your contribution to helping a child with disabilities in a green and sustainable manner.

–  Once the child has outgrown their trike, it is then passed on to another child, ensuring we prolong the life of the trike.

Environmental Impact

As part of Variety Ireland’s commitment to sustainability, these trikes fall under the remit of our Recycle Mobility programme. This means that when a child outgrows their mobility trike, it is then passed back to Variety Ireland to be “upcycled” and in turn passed on to another child for the same enjoyment.
This extends the life of each trike making our programme fully sustainable and stopping old trikes reaching harmful landfill sites across Ireland!


On Your Bike
Cycle Challenge


Join the challenge today and give the gift of cycling!


Supported by McSport

McSport are delighted to support Variety Ireland’s On Your Bike Challenge, by providing them with our top quality exercise bikes!
This allows company employees from across Ireland to stay fit whilst also raising money for special mobility trikes, which will be given to children with mobility issues, so they too can get the chance to enjoy the freedom of cycling with their family and friends!