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Our Programmes

Variety – the Children’s Charity of Ireland helping children for over 70 years!

Formerly known as the ‘Variety Club of Ireland’, for many decades our charity was synonymous with “Sunshine Coaches”. Over 50 of these specially adapted, wheelchair accessible buses were donated to many schools and communities and helped bring many children ‘Into the Sunshine’.
Then in 2009, Variety were delighted to introduce the first ever wheelchair “Liberty Swing” into Ireland. This innovative swing enabled wheelchair users to be able to enjoy the sense of freedom and movement that others may take for granted.
Over recent years, our focus has turned to items and services that will directly impact and help children, families, schools and communities. Specialised tools such as mobility aids and educational devices, as well as therapeutic services and equipment are just some of many areas that we support through our Assistance Programmes.

Our Assistance Programmes

Mobility Programme

Variety Ireland’s Mobility Programme can provide vital life-changing equipment for physical development, independence and social inclusion.

Items such as specialised Trikes, can give children with varying levels of mobility, the freedom to move independently. It helps to develop a child’s balance, strength and muscle tone, whilst also providing exercise!

Thanks to this specialised equipment, children of all abilities can now have the chance to join in with their friends and family in many outdoor activities, previously unimaginable!

Care Programme

Variety Ireland’s Care Programme can help deliver critical life-altering support and services, healthcare and well-being to children all across Ireland.

Everything from physiotherapy to medical devices and specialised beds to sensory toys and equipment. If it aids the physical development and wellbeing of child, we can possibly help! 

Through the Care programme, we have helped fund crucial group activities, retreats and camps that are beneficial to physical and mental development, well being and self esteem!

Future Programme

Variety’s Future Programme can deliver crucial life-enriching communication devices and equipment to children throughout Ireland. Children are the future, so we must do all we can to nourish and encourage their learning.

Together through the Future Programme we can enrich children’s lives by granting items and services that provide and promote communication, education, independence and self-esteem. 

We have provided items such as iPads, educational software & devices, and even braille books to individual children and to schools.