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Meet Our New Child Ambassador Saoírse Ruane

Helping sick, disadvantaged and children with special needs since 1951.

Meet Our New Child Ambassador Saoírse Ruane

Variety Ireland are proud and excited to announce Saoírse Ruane as our first ever child Ambassador to the charity here in Ireland. Since being diagnosed with a life threatening tumour, Saoirse continues to prove and act as an inspirational 9yr old girl who having overcome a year of intense chemo along with having her right leg amputated, a beacon of hope to lots of children and adults not only here in Ireland but across the world.

Most of you may know Saoírse from her appearance on the Late Late Toy Show in 2020 where she showed everyone how she has learned to overcome the loss of her leg and walk again. Thanks to her own grit and determination Saoirse is now back cycling, playing camogie and learning how to swim. Saoírse is also very proud to be the inspiration behind the first ever Toy Show Appeal on the Late Late Show where an amazing €6.6m euro was raised for various charities around Ireland.

Saoírse and her family are known for their amazing fundraising efforts and giving back to the charities and hospitals that have helped Saoirse on her forward journey. As a very determined young lady, Saoirse through her planned fundraising efforts here at Variety Ireland is not only dedicated to helping children with various disabilities but also act as a role model and inspire children showing them that anything is possible when you set your mind to it.

We at Variety Ireland are not only excited and proud to have such a wonderful young girl represent our national children’s charity, but also know her journey and fundraising efforts are going to change the lives of so many wonderful families and children living with disabilities here in Ireland.

Join Saoirse as she continues her amazing journey!