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Jumping for Joy!

Helping sick, disadvantaged and children with special needs since 1951.

Jumping for Joy!

Below is a little testimonial to thank you!

“We would like to thank Variety – the Children’s Charity of Ireland for helping our baby in this difficult time when we couldn’t afford to get our beloved child sensory, cause and effect toys which he required to overcome his developmental needs. Our Son, 21 months old is yet not diagnosed of any condition but is having global developmental delay. He has a lot of sensory issues and bouncing is one of his most repetitive behaviours.

With the help of Variety we managed to get him a hand railed trampoline which made him so happy and calm all of a sudden. He’s got a lot of toys to keep him occupied as well rather than just rocking, bouncing and flapping all the time. I have started believing in humanity again after meeting Gerald and Doreen. I am really thankful to all those who helped my child get the toys of his need.

God Bless the team of Variety!”