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Braille Books Donated!

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Braille Books Donated!

We were delighted to be able to provide 141 Braille Twin Vision Books to ChildVision, Ireland’s only totally dedicated education and therapy centre for blind and multi-disabled children.

“Variety – the Children’s Charity of Ireland has provided funding to ChildVision Library for the purchase of 141 braille twin vision books. These books will be used by blind and visually impaired children living all over Ireland. For fledging readers, colourful, picture books are essential to get young children interested in reading. In the case of blind and visually impaired children, it can be very hard for parents to source suitable books which will engage budding braille readers. Moreover it can be difficult for those not familiar with braille to give practical help to a child beginning to learn braille. Twin vision books contain a line of braille which corresponds to each line of text, this enables braille readers to read alongside their sighted parents, siblings or peers. In addition the inclusion of colourful pictures draws the visually impaired child’s eye and encourages the child to utilize their residual vision.

As most children’s books are very visual, containing a lot of pictures and minimal text, visually impaired readers can oftentimes be at a disadvantage. The inclusion of raised tactile images add a further dimension and are especially beneficial to braille readers as they encourage children to use their fingertips to explore, an essential skills for developing braille fluency. The availability of these books will open up a world of adventure and imagination, bringing stories to life for blind and visually impaired braille readers.”

Thank You!

Patricia Brady