Variety – the Children’s Charity of Ireland  are continually helping  children throughout Ireland with our Freedom Program and our Gold Heart Campaign.



Freedom Program:

Variety – the Children’s Charity of Ireland  is involved in raising funds for a varied array of Freedom Programs including; Sunshine Coaches, Liberty Swings and Trikes & Bikes.

Most children with disabilities don’t ever experience a sense of movement and freedom, so we hope that with our help we can overcome obstacles and provide a fun, liberating experience for disabled and sick children.

You can read more about Variety’s Freedom Program here!



Gold Heart Campaign

Gold Heart Campaign:

As part of this fund raising campaign, Variety – the Children’s Charity of Ireland encourages you to “wear your heart on your sleeve” – not only on February 14th, but all year round!

The Gold Heart campaign is one of Variety’s most recognized and successful global fundraising initiatives. Every year sees the launch of a new Gold Heart design, which makes each Gold Heart a collectors item! All year round, we sell gold hearts and we are looking for volunteers to help.

Read more about Variety’s Gold Heart Campaign here!